Friday, February 21, 2014

The Anonymous Music Festival

Note: post written by guest writer Jon Walker

Let yourself go and become part of us all. We are family. Feel our energy…now put that into motion and dance! It wasn’t just the lyrics, the instruments, the beats, the crowd, you; it was that air that it all shared.
Passing through the door I turn left and see a wall of mirrors. At first I thought it was an extension of the room, but as I got closer I realized that I was still walking in the right direction: right to the center of the dance floor.
The performance that I had on my mind, the main reason for my need to be there, was of none-other-than Shaman Treez. But we’ll get to the meditation later, for now let’s discuss hiphop. Or whatever category the many bands want to be considered as, free as they be just like their music. In either case many people where shaking their hips and hopin too…or at least I would like to believe so because I was one of them. As for the tables NORML was to was to the right of the stage and a booth for cervical cancer was to the left of the stage. If you haven’t heard Florida, with the help of such organization like NORML, has reached over 1 million signatures and medical marijuana will now be on the ballot. I think the two booths should have got together and hugged. Stay healthy through happiness.
One band in particular sparked my interest before too long in the night. Maybe because I had seen him in a year before from his transition from T-blaze to TriniElevate, when at the time he was asking me what I thought about his new logo design. It’s nice to see people grow and keep on striving for goodness. He speaks for pure goodness, announcing his lyrics with a message. What first turned me on to Trini’s music was the fact that he speaks truth in his music. The system that we have created around us is the thing that is eating us alive. With a strong sense of life and a beat that makes you jump, there was no wonder why there were so many hands in the air giving props to Trini and each other. Of course after his performance I had to get the new album to hear just how far his music has come. After hugs and greeting, I waited for who I would listen to next.
Now remember when I said later…. Well that time has come so throw your hand up for Shaman Treez. Now close your eyes and take a deep breath. And if you are still reading this you obviously didn’t close your eyes or you are peeking. Now I want you to take 7 deep breaths with your eyes shut, and when you breath in take in the air from all the pores in your body, feel the energy coming into your bloodstream and breath out, through your whole body, the things that you do not need and the things that you want to give to the world. Relax your mind and for a brief moment, and forget about what you are reading right now.
…So how did that feel? Pretty great, right? Awesome, I knew it would. Thanks for that meditation, I needed it too. Shaman Treez showed us the continuous cycle of the “Medicine Wheel”, which just happens to the title of his insightful new E.P. “Wait wait…I need my staff” Shaman says, then a good friend Nehemiah walks through the crowd to hand it to Shaman, announcing “that’s better” with a huge grin. With a strong voice and closed eyes he led us into a deep philosophical meditation before singing his last song. This made the crowd sink into the clouds, think about life and how much fun we are having right now, and what we can do for ourselves and others to make it better. His music made the atmosphere of the venue clearer and livelier, as you could see with the smiles all around. Unfortunately, they cut his set short a little, I do not know if I should say that or not, but I mention this just to show you the huge impact that Shaman Treez had with his amount of time. I had to get a copy of his E.P. as Shaman Treez is like family and anything he does is beautiful to me. The dancing, grooving, throwing my hand up, and smiling to Shaman’s vibes made me love and appreciate his music and him as a person even more than I already did. After his performance we discussed his new music video, I loved it. The video was spray artists with the sounds of Shaman. He told me when someone asked him about why his face was not in the video he responded “because my face does not matter, I wanted to represent the counterculture and it is the meaning that I want to show with my art.” Making perfect sense, I gave him a heart hug and smiled peacefully.
The next big act American Jesus, the band members dressed in overalls, an astronaut suit, a well-dressed preacher, and of course Jesus. Now when someone asks me if I have found Jesus I can point and say “yeah, look he is right over there on stage!” Some southern-esk rock and roll with some electronics brought about by the astronaut. Getting people dancing, swinging, and doing the dosey doe with their easy to follow and upbeat tunes, bringing the crowd to a movier (if even a word) state. With Jesus smiling full robe and all, they passed out American flags in which I waved like a madman uncontrollably, finding myself waving this flag for the band moreso than my country, it was slightly funny but felt so right. That last part I think sums up the whole band. So after jumping up and down and moving my legs I hollered in approval as I waited for the next band.
I would like to say that I waited like some sort of mechanical type being, what do you call those, that’s right J say it real slowly a Meka Nism. Meet Meka, a deep melodic peaceful sinisterness but peaceful of a being, along with the whole band Meka Nism. Tying the night together from hip hop to metal Meka Nism brought the crowd to new heights. With her braided fabric enlaced dreadlocks and their fuck-all (but be awesome) attitudes they undoubtedly made headbangers out of all of us. For this performance there was no standing around, only metal. Having seen Meka Nism twice before and being overly satisfied with each performance, I knew that I was in for a treat. Recently watching their new music video with their beautiful cinematography and Meka’s uniquely sweet voice I was glad that I got a chance to see them live again. Already having their CD from previous performances, I asked them about a new one and was informed that they are in the works. They even said that there could be a collaboration with Shaman Treez, I can only hope. I am extremely excited to see how that turns out. Okay, now back to the circle. Rocking at the front of the stage, Michael Angelo, other friends and I jokingly and seriously have a moshpit of our own, but mostly it was jumping and headbanging our brains into sound. Still we jumped and raged and according to Meka Nism’s song we “Rise”, so rise we did fists and devil horns into the air for a badassitude of approval. From soft melodies to loud energetic screams Meka Nism shatters the night with its heavy metal instrumentals and crowd roaring abilities.

As for me, being covered in sweat and good feelings, my night was complete. I take away with be the beauty, the peace, the message, and the love. I hope all of you enjoyed this night as much as I did and thank you for taking your time to read and care. And if I call you the sun, you know what to do…keep shining. J

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